Best Costume for the Day: Thursday (17)

Earrings: Gift, Forever 21 / Tank: Urban Outfitters / Top: Goodwill, Mississauga / Bag: Self-Made / Belt: Gift, Aunt Cathy / Skirt: Goodwill, Mississauga / Shoes: Banana Republic

I rather like the fact that the shirts match from far away, but clash a bit when you get up close.  Duelling patterns!

The belt is from my Aunt Cathy’s estate.  One of the great things about being a clothes hoarder is the feeling of nostalgia I get from wearing a certain item.  Cathy died over ten years ago, and yet I still have pieces that belonged to her…jewelry and books, and this amazing turquoise belt:

She was a fantastic human being, and I treasure the pieces of her life that are now part of mine, even in a small way…like a belt.